I will dowse for you and answer one question

dowse for you and answer one question

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Description Dowse for 1 question Dowse & Cleanse Dowse, Cleanse, Heal
  I will connect with your subconscious mind with my dowser and ask a question of your choice Besides answering your question, I will cleanse your aura with Reiki and remove any impurities. in addition to Dowse and Cleanse, I will send Reiki healing for you (can be specific to any cause)
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About This Gig

Dowsing is the process used by searchers since centuries and people have been able to find water, oil and gold using various dowsing techniques. Dowsing (using a pendulum) allows me to connect to the subconscious mind, and find answers to questions that anyone may have, as long as you allow me to connect to your subconscious mind to find the answer for you. To allow me, you just have to have the intention or simply "ask" me to find you an answer. Since Dowsers don't speak, the best questions are the ones which have a "YES", "NO", or "MAY BE" as an answer. So try to frame your questions so the answer can be either a yes, a no, or maybe.

Reiki healing allows the healer (me) to meditate with you and your cause ( could be a physical sickness, emotional stress, work related issues, relationship related issues, general wellness, etc) and send positive Reiki energy (Rei-Ki = Universal Energy) your way.

I will channelize Reiki energy and remove any / all impurities from your aura, that you gather as you enter negative situations or places. After an aura cleansing, you should start feeling better and lighter right away as it removes all that "extra weight" that gets attached to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How reliable are answers from a Dowser?
    A dowser is a very sensitive device. It's accuracy is directly proportional to the accuracy of the questions. The clearer the question is, higher accuracy is obtained. I dowse for each question 3 times to confirm I get a 100% response, else I rephrase questions to make sure it is not confusing.
  • How should I ask my question(s) for better accuracy?
    Avoid asking open ended questions, always try to ask question with a possible yes or no answer. For example: I am going for job interview at ABC company, for position of Technical Writer, on May 1, at 10AM, will I get a job offer from them within the next 30 days? This way, you can be specific.