I will send pure and powerful distant reiki healing for 15 minutes

send pure and powerful distant reiki healing for 15 minutes

About This Gig

On a day to day life, we go through several positive and negative spaces and meet people of all kinds. Some of that negative energy gets trapped to your aura and starts to weigh on you. It is said to affect your overall outlook towards life, your confidence, your decisions, your moods, etc. With a 15 minute distant Reiki healing session, I will cleanse your aura of any such impurities as well as give Reiki energy to your 7 energy chakras, which will give you a boost in energy levels, and help you get back on track with a fresh feeling and a positive outlook. 

During this healing session, I will meditate and spiritually request the Ascended Masters, Dr. Mikao Usui (father of Usui Reiki), Master William Rand, and my masters along with the higher beings to channelize this Universal Energy through me (as a channel) and make it powerful and effective for your healing. 

As Reiki energy flows through your body, you will feel light, relaxed, at peace and positive. As most people have given me feedback, they feel different, in a very nice way. So take advantage of this distant healing session and feel happy, light and positive.

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15 minute distant Reiki

I will remove energy blockages, and negativity attached to your aura.

2 days delivery