I will mentor, coach and help you with your personal development

mentor, coach and help you with your personal development
mentor, coach and help you with your personal development
mentor, coach and help you with your personal development

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Description Breakthrough Beginnings Personal Development Weekend Skype Session
  ReKindle Dreams! Begin to focus on what you want, what holds you back, and start going forward! Focus on you, your potential, your thoughts and start to learn how they shape your current life 15 Minute (or more) weekend Skype Session to explore any area of personal development you choose
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About This Gig

I want to help you ReKindle your dreams, realize your potential, and live the life that you've always wanted! We all have amazing gifts and abilities that usually get lost in the day to day realities of work, family, finances and our environment! We get so wrapped up in what we "should" do that we put off what we WANT to do! I believe in helping people, regardless of their current status or financial standing. I believe everyone deserves a chance to realize their dreams!
With the Breakthrough Beginnings we will start to look at what you really want, and how to start moving towards it by changing the way you view your current reality.
The Personal Development will focus on you, your abilities and potential, and how to work towards using those abilities to realize your true potential.
The Weekend Skype Session will give you a face to face session with me to discuss openly any issues or topics you need to discuss to help you overcome the hurdles that hold you back from your dreams! This session is 15+ minutes because, as I said, I care about helping you, not watching a clock!
Lastly, you have the opportunity to view one chapter of your choosing from my exclusive, unpublished book!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the weekend sessions work?
    Simply contact me and we will set up an appointment for either a Saturday or Sunday to Skype. Your session is basically as long as you need (within reason) so that we can fully explore your questions, and get you headed in the right direction.
  • How do I choose a chapter of your book?
    After meeting with you, through one of my gigs, I will give you the titles of a few chapters that may be best suited for your current situation, and be of most benefit to you. Then you choose the chapter that interests you most, purchase the gig extra, and I will email the chapter to you.