I will give an honest advise on your love problems

give an honest advise on your love problems

About This Gig

I will provide an HONEST advise based from your story. I will not JUDGE nor hold back from what you need to know. You may or may not believe what i will say. If you already know the answers, please hold back and DONT ORDER. My services are not for the faint of heart. I will not be BIASED in any way on my conclusions. I am not a RACIST but have ample knowledge on cultural differences. I am raised with proper education and ethics. I don't care if your story is longer than the allowable characters, send me a notepad or a version for ms word, I will read and understand it fully.

You can:
  • Send your inner-hearts problems
  • Share to me your worst fears
  • Share your love story
  • Ask how to court someone
  • Ask any questions regarding your family/friends/loved ones
  • Ask me how to deal with your current problem.
  • Ask me about your cheating husband/wife.
  • Ask what to do on your relationship
  • Ask how to improve your personal health and relationships

  • Ask me to find you a partner, do it yourself.
  • Ask me for legal advise, im not an attorney
  • Ask me STUPID questions, its a waste of money
  • Ask me if your husband has a mistress

Again, DONT ORDER if you know the answer.
100% Satisfaction Guarantteed.

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