I will playtest, bug test, and review your Indie PC games

playtest, bug test, and review your Indie PC games

About This Gig

I am offering Independent game developers a professional Beta testing of their game(s). I will do anything from just basic gameplay of the game to let you know how it works and flows,  looking for spelling and grammar errors in your dialogue and npc scripts, or deliberately trying to break the game and see where the glaring glitches and crashes are, depending on what options you choose. The price is per hour - you tell me how long you want me to play and what you need me to do!
I have an older laptop that does not have stunning specs - so I am offering this testing from the point of view of an average person who doesn't have an elite handmade epic gaming rig - after all, anyone can run any game on a computer built specifically for gaming, right?

I have been playing games since I was a toddler, so I am also offering you the insight and knowledge of 30 years of gameplay experience on both consoles and PC's in various genres. If things work out well I can also make gameplay videos and promote them and the game in various places, if it is desired. 

Order Details

Gameplay test and reviews.

For $5 an hour I will play your Indie studio game and give you feedback about gameplay and usability

  • Summary Report
  • Annotated Screen Shots
1 day delivery