I will restore your hacked WordPress site

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restore your hacked WordPress site

About This Gig

Due to its massive popularity (WordPress powers over 20% of the internet) WordPress is major target for hackers.
In many cases you may not even be aware that you've been hacked until its too late and... 

  • your hosting company shuts you down for sending spam,
  • you are unable to access the backend of your site
  • your google search results are being redirected elsewhere
  • you received an email from google webmaster tools that your site is delisted from google
  • your homepage is defaced

It is essential to quickly make  a backup of your site (even with infected files) as many hosting companies will not quarantine your website but delete it altogether. 

I can:

*  restore your site from recent backup and secure your site or
 * manually go through the code of your website, remove and clean        offending files and scan your site with antivirus

 I will also provide you with a report on how I suspect the hack was perpetrated, the files or offending plugins that were hacked, and recommend safe alternatives to the plugins/themes that were hacked.
As an extra, after everything is restored I will then install some primary security measures to ensure that the site is safe from attacks in the future.