I will provide a constructive feedback for your song or music


About This Gig

You’re looking for an honest and inspiring feedback?

With 15 years of experience as DJ, music editor for broadcasting, and music maniac, I will give you a constructive feedback.

Basic Gig
For $5, you get an individual feedback for one song with up to five minutes.

Giving feedback is always hard to specify. This gig includes:
  • Feedback your song in up to 150 words, according to its production stage, whether it’s arranging, recording, editing, mixing or mastering
  • Describe the overall sounding experience
  • Point out prominent issues
  • Predict a possible future for your song

For more feedback options check out my gig extras or request a custom offer.

Gig Process
  1. Export your work as audio file – uncompressed will do best.
  2. Pick a gig – add extras.
  3. Read my FAQ or message me if you need help or have a special request.
  4. Order and get final instructions.
  5. Enjoy your high quality delivery.

Please note that my feedback can be colored by my life’s experience and my personal taste.

Order Details

Feedback Your Song

This "Feedback Your Song" gig includes an honest and professional 150 words feedback for one song.

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any strings attached?
    Nope. Just ask if you aren’t sure about anything.
  • Why do you offer a feedback for music?
    Truth hurts. That’s why a lot of people avoid it. I’ve come along it myself. Especially when you make music and show it to your friends and family, often times they only tell you positive things and how they like it, but isn’t it better to get a neutral and honest opinion for your music?
  • My question isn’t listed here.
    Just get in touch with me, I will answer your question there.