I will feedback songs in a constructive and honest review critique

feedback songs in a constructive and honest review critique
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Description First Impression (50 words) Feedback (200 words) Advanced Feedback (500 words)
  Intentional listen of one song, short feedback on: Overall, Biggest Problem, Future. Intentional listen of one song, feedback on: Overall, Arrangement, Instruments, Vocals, Future. Intentional listen of one song, in-depth feedback as in STANDARD + personal note.
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About This Gig

Welcome to my feedback gig!

You will get:

HONESTY: Being a huge supporter of good music and transparency, your song will get a neutral critique.
PROFESSIONALISM: Bringing over 15 years of experience as musician, producer, DJ, music editor, audio engineer, and much more into your project will provide you with a professional feedback.
INSPIRATION: Adoring great sounding music will not only end up with a review but also with constructivism on how to improve.

Feedback: (depending on the selected package)

  • One song with up to 5 minutes. (Basic)
  • Describing the overall experience, the biggest problem, and a predicted future. (Basic)
  • In English, German or French. (Basic)
  • Point out major problems on arrangement, instruments, and vocals. (Standard)
  • Point out in-depth problems. (Premium)
  • Personal coaching note. (Premium)

What you need to do:

  1. Export your work as audio file – uncompressed works best.
  2. Write down your artist's notes.
  3. Pick your package & extra.
  4. Read my FAQ or message me.
  5. Order and enjoy your high-quality delivery.

Important notes:

  • My feedback is colored by my life's experience.
  • Only one-time feedback, no further events.

I'm happily looking forward to your music!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you offer a feedback for music?
    Truth hurts. That’s why a lot of people avoid it. I’ve come along it myself. Especially when you make music and show it to your friends and family, most times they only tell you positive things and how they like it, but isn’t it better to get a neutral and honest opinion for your music?