I will transcribe audio or video as german native speaker

transcribe audio or video as german native speaker

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Description Monolog Dialog Multilog
  20 minutes of video/audio with one speaker. 20 minutes of video/audio with two speakers. 20 minutes of video/audio with up to seven speakers.
Convert File
Seller will convert the transcription file to a PDF
Seller will proofread, correct and revise the transcribed text
Time Reference
Seller will include time references in your transcription
Minutes Included
Minute count included in package (additional minutes may be available for purchase separately)
20 20 20
Number of Speakers
Seller will transcribe the number of speakers indicated
1 2 7
Delivery time

About This Gig

You’re looking for a accurate and top quality transcription?

You will get a professional transcription from a German native-speaker with academic education. Every package includes:
  • Proofreading
  • Time references (every 2 minutes)
  • Easy-to-read layout

The audio quality doesn't really matter. But if your audio quality is worse than normal, please get in touch first.

Important: I only transcribe German audio. Please contact me before ordering for Austrian or Swiss accents, or if a speaker has a heavy accent or dialect. I understand a lot of “German-ness”, but not everything.

For more options check out my gig extras (after package selection/before checkout) or request a custom order.

Gig Process
  1. Select your audio or video file – in a common audio or video file format.
  2. Pick a gig – add extras.
  3. Read my FAQ or message me, if you need help or have a special request.
  4. Order and get final instructions.
  5. Enjoy your high quality delivery.

Please note that the final results refer to the recorded source quality – sometimes a word isn’t pronounced properly or a background noise prevents its understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any strings attached concerning your audio?
    I’m not treating sexual or insulting stuff. Please ask if you are unsure.
  • What do you transcribe?
    There’s no limit of transcription. Interviews, podcasts, YouTube videos, …
  • Do you have examples of your work?
    Since I keep my previous client’s documents strictly confidential, I unfortunately can’t send you examples of my previous work.
  • Why is a transcription that expensive?
    Did you ever transcribe by yourself? A transcription of 60 minutes of audio can take up to 10 hours of fully concentrated work to deliver a high quality result. Viewing through this perspective, the price is not that bad, is it?
  • My audio/video exceeds 20 minutes.
    You can order up to three times to get 60 minutes of transcription. If your audio/video exceeds 60 minutes, I’d ask you to get in touch with me for a custom order.