I will provide resume writing resume rewrite services

provide resume writing resume rewrite services

About This Gig

Are you looking for a Professional Resume, CV or Cover Letter?

I have been a recruiter for over 8years, so i know how to write and spot a very good CV or resume.
The ability of a resume, CV, or CL to catch the attention of a recruiter lies within the content and organization of the resume, CVorCL.

You do not need to be scared or worried about your resume, CV or CL. Do not worry yourself about the design or content of your resume. Leave it for me; That is my Job.

What  I offer you:

  • A CV, resume or cover letter that will catch the attention of any recruiter
  • A well organized document with no grammatical error
  • A resume that will highlight your experience, skills and education
  • HR department must read resume/documents.

We recruiters receives thousands of resumes/ cover letters and CV. We cannot check all the documents so we use a software called Applicant Tracking system (ATS) to filter some of the documents away. ATS check for the resumes or CV that contains some keywords and the skills relevant for the job. I will use the ATS to search for keywords and skills set that will boost your resume/ CV. 


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