I will write a Professional Letter of Recommendation

write a Professional Letter of Recommendation
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About This Gig

In this GIG I will provide you with a letter of recommendation from ANY professional in any field you desire. 

As we know, letters of recommendations says a lot about your worth ethic, personal brand, and what you've accomplished as a professional. 

Whether you are:
. Applying For a Job
. Applying For a Scholarship
. Applying For a College/University
. Transitioning for a Job
. Applying for an Organization/Social Club


All letters will be tailored and specifically designed for your needs.

1) Blue
2) Red
3) Green
4) Orange
5) Black
6) Teal

All letters of recommendation will have the letterhead border that you see, with a different company name, depending on who the letter is coming from.

All I would need is a some brief information on you, a short bio if possible, who the letter is coming from, their position, their name and contact information. 

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