I will make your existing resume ATS Friendly

make your existing resume ATS Friendly

About This Gig

We are a small group of designers and employment guru's who really care about helping people find jobs they like. Whether your goal is to be a professional executive or work for an ostrich babysitting company, your resume shouldn't stand in the way of your dreams.

If you have a good looking resume which is causing issues with ATS robots, we can help!

We take your existing resume and refine it through our proprietary technology and design to help you land more interviews. In a nutshell we create two versions of your resume. First version is for the ATS or Applicant Tracking Software and second one is for the human recruiter. The ATS (robot) resume we 'layer' behind the one for the human recruiter, virtually making it invisible to the human eye. 

Order Details


ATS (robot) resume we 'layer' behind the one for the human recruiter, virtually making it invisible.

  • Custom Design
1 day delivery 2 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you explain how you create an ATS-Optimized Resume?
    The ATS-Optimized Resume is specifically designed to have all of the technical elements that make it acceptable to the Applicant Tracking System so that it will not be caught by filters or rejected. The protocol behind the process is highly technical, WE JUST MAKE YOUR RESUME ATS FRIENDLY.
  • Can you give me more information on the difference between an ATS-Optimized Resume and the Human version?
    Unfortunately, the very design elements that attract the human eye actually confuse the Applicant Tracking Systems that most companies are using today. The ATS-Optimized Resume is hiding a computer-friendly version that will prevent the ATS system from screening you out.
  • What is the success rate of your ATS-Optimized Resumes?
    We put our ATS-Optimized Resume system through repeated testing in order to make sure that we are keeping up with modifications that are made to the ATS systems. Please note that we do not provide design, we make your resume ATS friendly keeping your existing design through our layered technology.
  • Am I permitted to make modifications after you’ve provided ATS-Optimized Version of my resume?
    Our provided ATS optimized version of your resume cannot be edited by yourself as we use a technology of layering your resume in embedded text behind the front view which you can also see if copy and pasted.
  • What happens if I need to make a change to the content of my resume because something changes, such as an additional job skill or certification?
    We also make additional changes possible at a reasonable fee of just $5 per revision thereafter. All you have to do is send us an email at atsfriendlyresume@gmail.com and we will take care of it.
  • Do you offer a resume writing service?
    We do not provide resume writing service, we convert your professionally written & designed resume to an ATS acceptable format. By this way you can keep the beautiful design of your resume and it will also pass the ATS if availed our services.