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Vube launched in 2013 is a video sharing service with a twist, contests. That's right, instead of making money with advertisements they are paying those who upload the videos that get the most views prize money. Now, this may just be an initial ploy to get more content and more people visiting the vube. Apparently, this is a good idea as this relatively new site has skyrocketed itself to fall within the top 100 websites on the Internet in just a few short months.
the stated goal of vube is  becoming one of the 10 most popular websites in the world. things are going pretty well for Vube. They are in fact getting closer to their goal of being within the top 10.  

VUBE ranked today #96 site in the internet (by alexa)

I offer 35,000 Vube plays of real human worldwide viewers  in 8 days.
1 video per gig (no exceptions)

I do not sell  vube  likes (not cool)