I will contact your business as a customer

contact your business as a customer
contact your business as a customer

About This Gig

Mystery Shopper - I will contact your business, call center, vendor or other to test the quality of the response.    I will place a phone call, chat or email as a potential customer. 
Check quality of outsourced vendors
Check quality of receptionist
Check quality of responses or reactions from staff

You must provide the following:
Name and website of your business
What you would like to learn from the call
Method of contact - phone, chat or email
Information needed - script for call or draft of chat or email
Facts that will be shared in the contact

A written summary of the contact will be provided with the day, time, name of person, and information provided during the contact.

Calls made outside the USA (unless toll free) - 2 gigs
All contact is in English
Other languages please message me before hiring

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