I will show you how to buy SAFE in china

show you how to buy SAFE in china

About This Gig

I am in this business since 10 years, have been scammed and lied to in every possible way. With a few tricks and my experience I can teach you how to avoid the mistakes I have done before.

We will find the perfect supplier for your product and if you wish to you can book my EXTRA and we buy the product together with the backup of my local agent.

I use since 10 years the same agent and have been in China several times. 

Aliexpress and Alibaba are not the only places you can buy cheap from factories, they are just the most common. Once you'll enjoyed my mini seminar, you will smile at this sites knowing there is much more then this. For example my "Secret Weapon" that I show you in my my second EXTRA gig.

You wont regret to have me at your side buying goods the first time or after one or more unsuccessful times. My knowledge is a good base for anyone who has a startup or wants to start importing from china.

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2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What actual benefit can you provide?
    SO MUCH INFORMATION and if you are not satisfied you ll get your money back.
  • What website will you provide?
    If I tell you then there is no surprise right? :)
  • How can I benefit from this knowledge?
    As a longtime online entrepreneur I will give you some knowledge on your way to success. Most of it is work but with my knowledge passed on to you, you ll avoid to loose tons of money by making the right choices.