I will professionally Grow and Manage Your Instagram

professionally Grow and Manage Your Instagram
professionally Grow and Manage Your Instagram
professionally Grow and Manage Your Instagram
professionally Grow and Manage Your Instagram

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Description 7 day Basic 10 Day Gold 10 day Platinum
  7 day Following unfollwing Liking Will get you started 10 Following unfollwing Liking Comments Will get you noticed Following unfollwing Liking Comments posting Will make you a Star!
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About This Gig

Platinum Package:  Become a Star!!!

This is a total hand off package. All work to be done with little to no effort for you.

· Effectively convey your message (upcoming book, building a brand, coaching business and more)

· Develop your market and target your competitions

·use most effective hash tags

· connect with people that align with your message

·Post to page daily – based on optimal time(see gig extra for video post)

·Create customized memes with your website, logo, personal developed and inspiring quotes

· Delete people that do not follow you.

· Comment and like other pages - Builds engagement

· Format a clean and psychologically attractive Instagram page

 Gold Package: get noticed

· Develop your market and target your competions followers

· engadge wit people that align with your message

· Build your engadgement.

 . Comment on other pages

Basic Package: getting started

Continue to grow your Instagram through

· Liking

·  Following

· Targeting competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you grow my Facebook account?
    Yes click gig extra and I can grow your Facebook and instagram accounts at the same time
  • Does Instagram get more engagement than Facebook?
    Yes with a quality Instagram account you can get up to 150% more engaged
  • Can you help me market my book?
    Of course as a published author I use my social media to help me sell my books.
  • Can you help me market my brand?
    Yes social media marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways for building and marketing your brand.
  • Are you experienced in social media marketing?
    Yes I have over four years of experience. I have a strong Facebook personal page( likes,comments and shares), a Facebook group with over 3000 members, and Instagram account with strong engagement. Plus a YouTube channel with over 100 videos
  • Can we find your social media?
    Yes at Clinton M McCoy-Facebook, Instagram, periscope, YouTube, Google plus, LinkedIn, Amazon.com(Author) and my personal website www.reverseefect.com
  • Can you help me get new clients?
    Yes the platinum package is specifically designed for that. You can click get extra for personal phone, Skype, face time consultation.
  • How long does it take to start seeing results?
    That depends on the quality of your account and how many followers you have. With the platinum package you will see immediate and amazing results within one to three days after programs. I highly recommend using the platinum gig for 30 days
  • How important are hashtags
    Hashtags are very important they can make or break the growth of your Instagram account. With the platinum package I take care of all of that for you
  • Why should I get the 30 minute one-on-one consultations?
    I always recommend consultations. This is the difference between fishing for you or teaching how to fish.