I will record an authentic video testimonial

Thank you brother, great testimonial video.
Reviewed by jmallen83 over 1 year ago
Wow he is really amazing at doing quality natural and genuine video testimonials. My customers can look at his video and instantly connect and relate to his testimonial. Thank you so much!!! This was very well don't exactly how i wanted, even done better!!! I would defiantly recommend rhythmave!!!
Reviewed by lavanderxxo over 1 year ago
Very professional, very high quality work, and went well above and beyond for out order. Would order over and over again. Thank you so much D-Lee for your service!
Reviewed by jeamyisgreat over 1 year ago
record an authentic video testimonial
record an authentic video testimonial

About This Gig

Providing video testimonials for your product or business. I will do a 30 second casual, professional, quality video and voice testimonial. Using HD webcam from my personal home office.

I'm a musician (rapper, singer, song writer) with over 5 years experience. 

examples of my music work: www.youtube.com/rhythmaveent
  • Give me a script of about 150 words. Or add a gig for each 150 words.

  • Any pronunciations are very important of course. Please let me know if you have any!

  • Let me know how you want me to appear: Business, Business casual, Casual

  • Let me know the mood you want. 

  • Give me detailed information what your product/service/website does for a client. 

  •  Finally give me the approach you want

  • If you order the Extra I will write my own script!

The more detailed you are the better I will be for you! 

Things I will not do include: Porn, Sex, Terrorism, you get the idea.

Final output will be 640x480 mp4.

I will do a retake only if the video didn't come out correctly.Changing your mind after completion requires a re-order!

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