I will show you how to make that girl love you

show you how to make that girl love you

About This Gig

Now, there are people offering $5 books on how to get a girl. Bullshit. Those people make the mistake of assuming that all women are the same, and so a particular technique works on all.

I'll give you unique advice on how to get that girl, not typical run-of-the-mill stuff like 'Have Confidence!' or 'Take a shower!', but advice that is dependent on both you and the girl's characters, faults, and interactions so offer. The mind of a woman is surprisingly complex, after all.

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Advice On Getting Girls

Not tips; in-depth advice on how to get a particular girl to like you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what language?
    English only, guys.
  • Can I get advice immediately?
    Sure you can, I'm in this to help you out and bros don't leave each other hanging.