I will do html or css coding

do html or css coding

About This Gig

Your Site, Your Code, Your Way.

I'm not a genius at this stuff, I don't have any formal qualifications, but I do have a successful history of website creation and maintenance.

If you need a basic site made, upgraded, re-coded, cleaned up or whatever I'll sure as heck take a look. As with all my gigs, I try to give you exactly what you want and not what I choose to do.

CSS a speciality!

I work a lot with CSS and can solve cross browser issues as well as help with design or layout functions of CSS, ask today to see if I can get what you want done!

If you're not happy with my work no hard feelings! I'm always happy to undertake a 'little' preview work before you even start processing a gig.

Time Demand Disclaimer.

Depending on workload these gigs might take a short while, so if it's 'rush' orders you may be better off looking for someone on here dedicated enough to provide rush service.

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