I will write 350 words of your adventure story or novella for $5


About This Gig

I will write 350 words of your adventure story, novel or novella for $5.00. 

If you need adventure fiction that is fast-paced, exciting and well-written, I can provide that for you. 

Superheroes, assassins, punch-ups, you name it, I've written it before. I've spent many years honing my fiction writing skills and although I'm not perfect (who is?) I'm confident I can weave you a great tale with characters worthy of being rooted for.

I don't mind the length and can write short stories, novellas or novels. 

I'll also work with you to ensure that your story is the best it can be. Once the first draft is complete, if you feel something needs to be changed/added/deleted I'll be happy to oblige.