I will create a coffee cozy from your image

create a coffee cozy from your image
create a coffee cozy from your image
create a coffee cozy from your image

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Description Coffee Cozy -fabric, one-side only Coffee Cozy -fabric only both sides Coffee Cozy - both sides sewn
  This choice includes formatted fabric panel for one side of a coffee cozy This choice includes formatted fabric panel for two sides of a coffee cozy plus felt insulation This choice includes formatted fabric for two sides sewn into an insulated coffee cozy
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About This Gig

I will format your image and print onto a fabric panel to fit 12oz and 16oz  coffee cups, bar glasses, paper drink cups or stadium cups.

Fabric Cozy sleeves help save the environment. They are reusable, washable, recyclable and microwaveable(when dry). 

They protect from the heat of hot cocoa and coffee and also keep the sweat from an iced drink away from yours hands. 

They provide a space to bring your family with you to work, to show off your business or to host you favorite quote, actor or album cover.

They are unique to you and your ideas and make a great gift. So find a great Fiverr illustrator and create a coffee sleeve masterpiece.

There are many ways to sew sleeve. The method I use is simple and produces a fine quality result. See my simple sewing instructions in the options section.

Thank you and best wishes for success in your Fiverr experience. 

Cafe Projections 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many inages do I need to submit?
    One image for each fabric panel. Basic(one image) for one fabric panel Standard and Premium(two images) for two fabric panels - the outer and inner panel.
  • What is the best size for the image?
    An image should be no less than 3000 by 1200 pixels at 150dbi. This is about an 11 by 3 inch high quality image. I use Photoshop to reformat the image and this is the minimum size to maintain image resolution after re-formatting.
  • Can I submit any image?
    Yes, if you have the right to copy it - the Copyright. I assume no responsibility to search for a legal owner, however if I suspect the image is copyrighted I will question your right to use it in production. Some images like photos do not always result in a good fabric printing.
  • Are these simple image transfers?
    No, I format the image and then send it out to be printed on to fabric. I've found cotton sateen to be the best fabric to use. It is washable with little shrinkage or color loss. I will print on alternatives if desired, canvas, stretch, etc.
  • Why does it take so long?
    I send the formatted image out to be printed on fabric. It takes any where from 2-3 weeks to to receive the printed fabric. Rush orders are available at an extra charge.
  • I don't drink coffee, can I use them some other way?
    Sure, I bring them with me to the pub and wrap my pint glass with. Never fails to get a reaction from the bar tender or other patrons. It helps to stabilize the cheap paper soda or stadium cups. They also fit plastic StarBucks reusable cups perfectly.
  • Can you make corporate sleeves with custom text?
    Yup, just send the image and a list of names, titles or text and identify where to add each custom text. You can send multiple images. Just identify which name gets which image. Ask for a discount because it will cost me less per sleeve when I produce more in each order. I'm open to about anything.