I will master your music professionally

master your music professionally
master your music professionally
master your music professionally
master your music professionally

About This Gig

Get a Free 30 second mastered sample before you order:  

Hi, I am a musician, music producer, and a professional mixing and mastering engineer.  I work in a professional mastering studio in NYC and I have been mixing and mastering in the digital and analog domain for about 15 years now. 

Each project is skillfully and carefully mastered using high end analog and digital gear in an acoustically treated listening environment.  I apply Clip Gain, Equalization, Compression, Stereo Imaging, Tube Saturation, Limiting, Maximizing, Multi-Band Compression, Increased clarity, added warmth and more.

Please Provide Me WIth:

One mixed WAV audio file (no more than 5 minutes) with 3-6db of headroom.  That means output should be between -3 and -6 db with no clipping.   Yes, I can work with mixes that have more headroom (i.e. 6-12db)

Ideally: No processing (No compression, equalizing or limiting, etc.) on the mix bus or master channel.

For each gig, I will deliver one commercial ready mastered audio WAV file.  

I will provide you with a free 30 second mastered sample of your mix.   However, if you want professional feedback pertaining to your mix, please purchase a gig.

Thanks for your time

Order Details

Master One Song

I apply Clip Gain, Equalization, Compression, Stereo Imaging, Tube Saturation, Limiting, and more...

  • 1 Song
  • Mastering
  • HQ Audio File
  • Analog Gear
5 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since you are a new seller on FIVER do you provide discounts or free mastering?
    Yes, for every two gigs you purchase, I will master one of your songs for free.
  • Can you list some common areas where most mixes need improvement?
    YES: Common areas include; Kick drum not loud or punchy enough; Vocals not cutting through the mix; Symbols too harsh; Bass has too much resonance or not enough low end; Mix is too cluttered with not enough separation between instruments, etc.
  • How do you make sure your masters sound their best?
    I test each song through studio monitors, headphones, a car stereo, my home theater system and cheap computer speakers in order to produce the best sound over most listening devices.
  • What types of music do you master?
    I master songs in any genre, including, rock, dance, pop, country, rap, ect.
  • Why does it take you 5 days to complete a gig?
    Because I take the extra time and care to make your masters as musical and magical as possible, it usually takes me about 5 days to deliver your fully mastered session. Also, I work full time as a mastering engineer, I am always working on side projects and I mix and master my own music.
  • Can I provide you with my preferences regarding how I want my music to sound?
    YES. Feel free to provide me with your preferences for each mix such as, " I like my song to have more low end because I like the bass to stand out more," or "I am a guitarist so I need the rhythm guitars to shine through."
  • Let's say my bass is not loud enough or my vocals are too up front, can you just fix it with mastering?
    Yes and No, these things can be "treated" with mastering, but there are always trade offs. Therefore, when possible, it is always best to go back and "fix problem areas in the mix."
  • I like to apply processing (EQ, comp, ect..) on my mix bus, will you still accept these mixes?
    YES. Some people do "mix down processing", meaning they apply processing on the mix bus. If you do, double check your mix to make sure that your song does not sound harsh and it does not have excessive low end. Also, please make sure you still provide 3-6 db of headroom with no clipping
  • Can you provide me with a free sample of your work before I purchase?
    Yes. I will provide a free 30 second mastered sample of my work. FYI, brick and mortar mastering houses charge about $75 for this service. Some reputable places will not even provide a sample unless you pay for a full master which can cost between $150 to $300 for each song.