I will do phone calling for your company Best hourly job

do phone calling for your company Best hourly job

About This Gig

Thanks for choosing my "GIG"!

I will devote my time to call your warms leads or generate leads for your company/project. i will contact customers for you and also do your cold calling of prospective clients for a hourly charge. the devoted time will be of your choice.

15 calls per GIG!/Hr

 I have had years experience in handling calls and also the experience of working in a call center environment for few years.  I would love to offer my best services to you so get in contact with me right away to find out more of what i can to for you to boasts your business/project.

I offer a wide range of services here so just ask, also have an Agency that provides you with great , Affordable and very highly skilled agents, Agents who are rated 5 star and have been providing great work for many years so if you need something done do not hesitate to ask! thanks

I have experience in:

  • Debt Collection on past due amounts
  • High risk collections
  • Mid risk collections
  • VA 
  • Great Customer service 
  • Negotiations
  • Live chat 
  • Problem solving
  • Data collection
  • Data entry
  • Social Media Managing
  • Cold Calling
  • Appointment Setting
  • Email Handling
  • Reception
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Affordable pricing is the way to go!!!!!