I will send an ANONYMOUS Text Message via cell phone for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
send an ANONYMOUS Text Message via cell phone
send an ANONYMOUS Text Message via cell phone

About This Gig

As a service, I will send an anonymous text message, to a contact that you provide.

Unlike any other means of sending a text message, there will be no way to trace the message back to you.

For 5$ you will provide me with a contact number and message (*up to 20 words - punctuation free) and the following will happen:

1 - I will send this message to the contact:

"The following text has been requested to be sent to you, for your information, by an anonymous third party. I was hired to send you these messages and do not have the ability to disclose any information about the original requester."

2 - I will send your message to the contact

3 - I will not respond to any replies from the contact unless gig extras have been purchased by you (more to come). Service reveal upon request.

There are some restrictions on information that will be allowed in your messages.


-No threats
-Only 1 name allowed & **No Last Names
-There will be no harassing of contacts.
-If I feel a message may be deemed demeaning I will decline to send it.

Future service extras may include, sending you the contacts responses, abilities to add more names, and quicker delivery time.