I will guest Post on DA90, TF83 a Top USA University

guest Post on DA90, TF83 a Top USA University

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Nonsense, they cry! Webmasters everywhere will tell stories of their sites, or the sites of people they know, who gained a educational backlink and watched their ranking soar. It’s true, of course. It’s a measurable phenomenon that a educational backlink can and will make your ranking rise.

Value of Value

The answer lies in the process of registering a .edu domain. You can’t just go to your local domain registrar . You need to provide a mess of paperwork proving that you’re a legitimate government organization. The same goes for .e-du domains; you need to be a legitimate ed-ucational institution to qualify for a domain. It’s the Internet’s way of preserving the authority of these domains, and their trust. Users turn to education sites for very specific, very important purposes. If the information found on those sites is incorrect, spammy or leads to scams, it can very easily bankrupt a family or lead to drastic consequences.

Domain Stats (root)

PageRank: 8
Domain Authority: 92
Page Authority: 93
Trust Flow: 83
Citation Flow: 65
Alexa: Under 3000

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