About This Gig

I'll create a mobile website for your business.  The site will include:

  • your logo on the top, taken from your existing site
  • a "Tap to Call" button for people to call your phone number
  • a short "About Us" page 
  • a "Contact Us" page for people to fill out, which forwards to your email address
  • a "Find Us" page with a map of your location
  • a link to your full website

The color for the mobile site will tie into your existing site.

I will also send you the files that are created so that you can load them on your own server, next to your main website files in a "/mobile" subdirectory.  If you want to link the mobile site to your main site, you'll need additional files, and a redirect code.  This can be provided by getting one of my gig extras.

This gig is only for English language sites.  
No modifications please from the information shown above.
Take a look at my gig extras for additional options.