I will make a personalized Improv Podcast for you

make a personalized Improv Podcast for you
I wanted to spice up my otherwise boring commute with some humor and this certainly did the trick. I would them recommend to anyone in a similar situation.
Reviewed by evanschrage about 1 month ago
make a personalized Improv Podcast for you

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Description Personalized Scene Deluxe Personalized Scene Personalized Episode
  We will record a 2 minute Improv scene on whatever suggestion you give us, like on our Podcast. We will record a 5 minute Improv scene on whatever suggestion you give us, like on our Podcast. We will record a full 20 minute episode on whatever suggestion you give us, like on our Podcast.
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About This Gig

On our Podcast we get a suggestion based on questions about current events, ex. what would be the weirdest place to catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go, we pick the one we like best and make a 20 minute story told through several Improvised scenes. We then edit it and add any ambient sound and effects we want, and then publish it for free to be listened on any audio platform. We are offering that exact experience but specifically for you and based on whatever suggestion you want to give us. For $5 we will make a 2 minute scene for you, $10 for 5 minutes, and for $20 we will make your own personal episode. Each tier is fully produced and includes an intro and outro that is not included in the scene time. In other words, you pay for 2 minutes of whatever scene you want and that is what you'll get, capped off with all the bells and whistles our typical podcast has. For examples see our soundcloud, https://soundcloud.com/therip-3, we are also on Google Play, iTunes, and Sticher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I pick the rating?
    Yes, we prefer that you do! If you are someone who likes to keep it PG or doesn't mind abusive language we want to know so that we can give you the best experience. We are doing this for you after all.
  • Are there limits of what you'll do?
    Yes. We will typically shy away from politics and will absolutely not deal in anything supporting sexism, racism, rape culture, homophobia, or tragic events. These things aren't funny.
  • Can I share this on my social media pages so my friends can hear it?
    Nope, this is for you and you alone. If you like our work, follow our podcast. If your friends want one too, direct them to us and we will be happy to fill their orders as well.
  • Can I use you to advertise my product or business?
    Yes! But not through here. These are personalized scenes for private listening. If you would like to enlist our skills for commercial purposes please contact us.
  • I have an idea, but I want to know if you guys will do it. What should I do?
    Email us! All of our contact information can be found on our website, theradioimprovproject.com.
  • Can I ask for specific accents, voices, or dialects?
    Yes, we are trained in IPA and also are just really great at making funny voices.
  • Can I ask for specific characters?
    Yes you can.