I will create a Startup Lean Business Model Canvas for you

create a Startup Lean Business Model Canvas for you

About This Gig

Why you should use Lean Business Model Canvas instead normal BMC?

  • Target purely for Business Startup
  • Focus purely on Entrepreneurs
  • Due to startups have no known or tested products to sell, it begins with the problem, a proposed solution, the channels to achieving the solution, costs involved and the anticipated revenue streams
  • It assesses whether the business has an unfair advantage over the rest and how to capitalize on it for better preparation

How can I assure the best for you?

  • I have attend Startup Boot-camp, Seminar, Webinar and read a lot from internet.
  • This technique originally created by Ash Maurya
  • But I will help you beyond the theory and validate your business idea from my Point of View.
  • You will be able to reach and personally ask for my advice within 3 days period. I do care about how your business going.
  • After that period, you still can contact me if anything relevant.

What will you get?

Top 3 on:

  1. Problem Statement
  2. Customer Segments
  3. Unique Value Proposition
  4. Solution
  5. Channels
  6. Revenue Streams
  7. Cost Structure
  8. Key Metrics
  9. Unfair Advantage

  • $5 is not the fixed price.
  • Contact me first before ordering, so I have some clue on what your business ideas and get mutual pricing agreement.

Order Details

3 days delivery 3 Revisions