I will counsel you for enlightening your relationship with love

counsel you for enlightening your relationship with love

About This Gig

Everyone is fighting a demon within, the worst kind. I am here to help demonize the depressed. Many couples do not want to see an outsider for their inside problems and, consequently, keep living with those trials silently. 

I will guide the couples, may it be husband and wife, brother and sister, girlfriend and boyfriend, father and daughter, mother and son. We all need a helping hand at some stage of life. There is no disgrace in opening up to a stranger who is there to be your unbiased friend, in the first place.

I will be completely discreet in handling the clients and their problems and they shall have the peace of mind that their worries and muddles are safe with me because I will make sure I obliterate all those complications.

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2 days delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will you provide advice?
    I will send you an e-mail. I will be available for direct chat on Whatsapp, in severe cases only.
  • What if I want to talk with you on the phone?
    If I shall witness that my client needs direct phone session, it shall not be a problem. The time difference around the world, however, will be kept in mind.
  • How do I know that you will strictly follow the confidentiality rule in this gig?
    You can not know that for sure but I guarantee you that if you are buying my gig, you are buying trust; the pivotal element.