I will make Classical and Jazz MIDI files sound real

make Classical and Jazz MIDI files sound real
make Classical and Jazz MIDI files sound real
make Classical and Jazz MIDI files sound real

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Description Quick Stereo Recording for adds Multitrack Recording up to 12 ch. Mixed, Mastered Orchestral Midi
  Direct from sequencer recordings using premium inst. in standalone mode. 30 - 120 seconds add copy Each midi track is edited and recorded separately, mixed and mastered. 5 min. contemporary music. Orchestral and Jazz midi renderings with realistic sounding inst. carefully edited and humanized.
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About This Gig

Midi music is great if you have the sample libraries and software to go along with it..

Over the last few years I've concentrated on developing the most realistic sounds possible by carefully selecting raw samples of orchestral and contemporary instruments and mapping them for quick and effective results.

Once the midi tracks sound good directly from the samplers. Each instrument patch is recorded separately then mixed to perfection.. 

At each stage the buyer will get the opportunity to evaluate the work and offer direction to achieve desired results. If there are problems during the evaluation stage the buyer can walk away with the assurance the session is deleted.. It's often the case that a rough beginning or end will remain until completed to prevent accidental use of an evaluation copy over a final mix.

This level of audio production is very detailed and requires lots of experience, skill and talent to make it sound like music.. If the midi files are good then the music will be great. 

If you need your midi music to sound real message me and lets get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MIDI?
    Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a common digital protocol first appearing in keyboards during the mid 80's that records note information and all its variables into a sequencer for playback into the same or any other midi device.
  • What is General Midi?
    General Midi is a standard that allows each keyboard to play the same instrument allowing for midi versions of songs to sound consistent on all midi devices.. Sound fonts are only as complex as the device allows.. Thats why General Midi often sounds comical.
  • What are Sound fonts?
    They the files and libraries that make up the 127 different instruments and drum patches. Although sound fonts have gotten better they are far off from realistic.. Realizing this creative musicians used these limits to create new music styles like HipHop and EDM.
  • What does it take to make MID sound real?
    To sound real an instrument like a piano would need thousands of individually recorded files of each note on a real piano. They would have to be recorded from soft to loud multiple times then carefully mapped to a sampler so the player activates the notes and recreates the sound of the instrument.
  • How much time does it take?
    I can take a long time to get just the right combination of sample libraries that are very large to sound real. Computers are still not able to manage 127 separate instruments and all its variations. So each song needs different patches that are carefully selected by hand and edited carefully.