I will bid on 1 or 5 different eBay auctions

bid on 1 or 5 different eBay auctions

About This Gig

I will bid on your 1 or 5 different auctions in any category at whatever price you want.
- I will also add them to my watch list for an extra fee.
-If you want me to continue to bid on item til it ends there is an extra fee.

You could also think of this as a "hidden reserve price" of sorts. Yes, it's true that eBay has its own reserve price feature, but when you enable it, eBay also puts a public note on your auction saying that there is a reserve price, which can drive away potential bidders. By using my gig, you can effectively create a reserve price without buyers actually knowing about it.

If I end up as the winning bidder you must send the cancel request for the transaction on eBay.