I will teach you advanced and profesionally storytelling

teach you advanced and profesionally storytelling
teach you advanced and profesionally storytelling
teach you advanced and profesionally storytelling
teach you advanced and profesionally storytelling

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Description Basic Storytelling Advanced Storytelling Storytelling & Premium Techniques
  Package includes 30 min custom recorded material & feedback on your story (750 words) 60 min chat, learning material, customised experience & story feedback (2000 Words) 90-120 min chat, learning material, customised experience, story feedback & advanced knowledge
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About This Gig

You will love storytelling. From my experience with Impro Theatre, storytelling in Digital Marketing Campaigns, Storytelling for kids, books and speeches, I bring to you my basic Storytelling Course. 

Where can you use storytelling?
- At your Job, describing plans, events & ideas
- As a creative writing technique in your blog posts, books & any written content
- With your kids, or students if you are a teacher
- In the creative Marketing field, while developing campaigns & engaging user content
- When making a speech
- When writting a book, podcast script or audiobook

This package includes: 
- A private audio & video chat of 60 min, with working materials
- A powerpoint material that you will keep, and use anytime you feel the need to revise your knowledge on this subject 
- The chat material & powerpoint will be customised based on one of your favourite story
- A revise on a story submitted by you, in English, prior to the chat 

Delivery time is 7 days, so we can find the best time to chat & also includes the time needed for the assignment and feedback.

More profesional services cand be found in this Gig Extras as also on my other gigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is all the fuss with storytelling. It is easy!
    It may be easy, we can tell stories without knowking how to make a story. There is something natural with stories. But, have you wondered why some of your stories seem to be better than others? There are specific techniques, structures, elements and mechanics that a story must have.
  • Why charging so much?
    I do adress to those who really want to become better at storytelling in a professional way. I adress to those who want to clearly define their message, their voice and story. I adress to those who want to earn money using storytelling. I put effort in making this a customised gig.
  • What do you mean by customising the materials & gig?
    I will focus on your favourite story. I will demonstrate you it's success and explain al the structures, elements & mechanics that drove that story to success. I will teach you al the basic information that you need to obtain a quality story.