I will advise you on your novel or short story

advise you on your novel or short story

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  This just gets you the one page critique with me giving you advice on what you're creating. If your piece is fairly long or you need more than a single page, this is the gig for you. If you're looking at a high concept or something incredibly complicated, this is for you.
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This Package includes 500 words. For each additional 500 words, the price is $10.
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About This Gig

You're ready to write a novel or short story but want to ensure you're on the right path for success. As a professional editor and student of literature, I can offer you insights to help you complete your work. Inception of a project is an integral part to finishing and if you put in some effort in advance, you stack the cards in your favor.

What you provide: You give me the synopsis, outline or concept of your work. It should be no more than three pages in length.

What I will do: Give you constructive criticism on how to improve your plan and navigate the story crafting process. 

Example: You send me a message stating 'I'd like to write a story about a guy who can summon fish from thin air but he only does it when he's nervous. I want him to fall in love and despite this strange affliction, find happiness'. 

I will write you back with five to ten conflict ideas and different methods by which you can outline your work to fit your concept. Such as the above character meets his fling at a yoga class where he's trying to learn how to defy his anxiety'. 

You will receive a one page (roughly 500 words) with my suggestions.