I will solve equation or problem in calculus or linear algebra

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solve equation or problem in calculus or linear algebra
solve equation or problem in calculus or linear algebra

About This Gig

I will solve your problem from calculus: integral, derivative, help with the proof of some theorem.

Basic gig includes typically three average problems (concerning difficulty and length) or one difficult problem.

Depending on the ratio of math formulas and plain text you get either scan of handwritten computation or a text typeset on computer. (In the first case there is also a gig extra to typeset formula on computer)

Includes steps in solution. Most of the problems are solved in the same day! For more complicated or longer problems you may buy more gigs. Send me your problem and I send you an offer with suggested due time ASAP.

For $5 you may get
  • solution including all steps
  • upon request also screenshot of the computer aided proof that my solution is correct, if applicable (e.g. for solving equations, derivatives, integral)
  • when you obtain the solution, you may ask reasonable amount of questions concerning details in the steps used to solve the problem.

I always try to finish the work as soon as possible. Every nontrivial calculation is checked in advanced software and so the answers are error free.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide an immediate help?
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes I solve the problems immediately, but as my workload varies, sometimes I need a day even for simple problems. If you are in hurry, check my availability before ordering.
  • Are you able to solve problems on .... .... ?
    Hard to say. I can solve the problems from elementary schools, highschools and undegraduates on universitites. But there could be some special problems which cannot be solved without having access to the material from your course. Always check my ability to solve the problems by messaging me.
  • How many revisions are included?
    The buyer is always welcome to ask questions on various details in the delivery. Sometimes I can answer immediately, sometimes within a day. The number of questions is not limited, however, it is not reasonable to discuss problems older than 10 days.