I will install code for adsense on wordpress

install code for adsense on wordpress

About This Gig

I will install code for AdSense at optimal positions for your Wordpress site.

You need at least one website approved by Google in order to install Adsense and you will have to provide your AdSense publisher ID when placing the order. For new AdSense account ads will not be shown immediately, you will see blank spaceuntil your account will be fully approved by Google often it is necessary few days.

What I need?

  • Admin access to Wordpress (address of your website, username, password)
  • AdSense publisher ID (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  • or Access in your AdSense account.

Please note that 
  • if you are using Wordpress.com ads can not be installed! 
  • if your website has been previously disabled for AdSense you'll see only blank space!

For 1 gig I can add the code only for one website.

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

I install code AdSense on Wordpress

I will install code AdSense on your Wordpress website

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