I will write Stata code or programs

write Stata code or programs

About This Gig

From the Stata [D] Manual:

"Data management for statistical applications refers not only to classical data management—sorting, merging, appending, and the like—but also to data reorganization because the statistical routines you will use assume that the data are organized in a certain way. For example, statistical commands that analyze longitudinal data, [such as xtreg,] generally require that the data be in long rather than wide form, meaning that repeated values are recorded not as extra variables, but as extra observations."

I specialize in tasks like those just cited and in workflow using Stata. I guarantee code that delivers sound and reproducible results.

One (1) gig amounts to forty (40) lines of code including in-line comments and spacing, using a width of eighty (80) columns.

Before hiring me, please get in touch in order to assess if I'm a good fit for the task, and to adjust price and delivery time, if necessary.

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