I will give you a 1 day NLP Diploma Course You Can Teach

give you a 1 day NLP Diploma Course You Can Teach

About This Gig

This is a complete 1 day NLP course that you can use to teach students.

You will receive all files zipped via an attachment. (all docs come as Word or PowerPoint). This includes:

Trainers Notes A very detailed and concise explanation of what you should do during the session, complete with the comments you should make and notes on what to do during activities etc. This is a very detailed step-by-step way of training.

Complete Handouts - All handouts required for the course are included and can be made into a stylish workbook.

Course Contents Details what is included in the course, so delegates have complete awareness

PowerPoint Slides All slides necessary to run the course


All activities contained within the course and the trainer notes to run them

Evaluation Form

An Evaluation Form for trainees to give you feedback on the course, and your teaching methods.

You will never run an easier course!

Purchasing this course allows you to use it yourself for teaching & earning $$$ from running NLP courses you do not have resell rights.