I will place your logo or photo on a realistic Bus Stop Poster

totally awesome work!
Reviewed by derekmkc about 2 months ago
The seller is simply amazing. I could not get my mind stright on what I wanted and they held threw and got me my perfect gig. Really amazing work and he is fast
Reviewed by mateoglenn 3 months ago
Outstanding fast service. Thanks. Will definitely use this gig again
Reviewed by james4ics about 1 year ago
I loved what you did and the 'Bonus' you sent was even more than I had expected.... I will be back. Thanks again.
Reviewed by jazadeem over 2 years ago
great just great
Reviewed by rosshodgosn over 2 years ago
Great work, thanks
Reviewed by chrisvanhorton almost 3 years ago
This is my second purchase - this seller is a Pro :)
Reviewed by drdrewmister almost 3 years ago
ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!
Reviewed by coretraining about 3 years ago
Super cool and as always an excellent seller. Did the work in 48 minutes. Couldn't ask for more.
Reviewed by nataliejarema about 3 years ago
Very Nice job. Recommended.
Reviewed by sanhuj over 3 years ago
Impressive thank you
Reviewed by oneil47609 over 3 years ago
I absolutely love it. Thank you very much for your fast turnaround.
Reviewed by bubulica over 3 years ago
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Fastest turnaround time on Fiverr and super-professional work. Bought two and I'm thrilled. Will be back again!
Reviewed by tauniadiva over 3 years ago
Fast & Awesome!
Reviewed by powerminds over 3 years ago
very nice skill.. many Thanks!
Reviewed by bienvivo over 3 years ago
place your logo or photo on a realistic Bus Stop Poster
place your logo or photo on a realistic Bus Stop Poster
place your logo or photo on a realistic Bus Stop Poster

About This Gig


My name is Loreen and in this gig I will place your image (it can be a logo, promo, brochure page, ad, photography, greeting card etc) on this bus stop advertising place (image only done by digital manipulation).

Check the samples to see how realistic it looks!

Give your business  a boost by showing off your brand presence!
Or scare your friends by putting up personal photos :-)

It can be used for:
  • innovative Facebook updates
  • a slide on your blog / site
  • included in a newsletter
  • printed on a brochure
  • as a header (for Facebook or site)
  • anything you'd like to look original and creative

Look out for bonuses, too! ;)

More samples of what I can do: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjH3D2e3