I will give ya list of free programs to clean your pc

give ya list of free programs to clean your pc

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I will give you a list of effective and simple programs you can download that won't cost you a dime and will help you keep your windows pc clean.  That many average desktop/laptop users may not know of.  

I will not guarantee any of these will solve your issues.  However I am a computer graduate and have fixed thousands of pcs through the years.  And as long as nothing major should speed up your system and remove most viruses/spyware.  

For $5.00 worth the chance if your not sure what you are doing.  And may save ya from buying a new pc for no reason. 

This is a fiverr exclusive and just a resource list of effective free programs.  That work as well as paid ones. Though not against you buying or donating to them on your own.  Can also include the great ones with free trials.  That you can chose to buy. 

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Easy computer cleaning

Give you a list of free programs that can help you clean your pc fast and efficient.

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