I will nominate you in a Facebook neknominate vid

nominate you in a Facebook neknominate vid

About This Gig

The funny Facebook phenomena neknomination started early this year in my home country Australia.  Neknomination involves uploading a funny video to facebook of yourself downing a beer in one go and then nominating a friend to do the same.  The more quirky/funny/random the better.  The videos have gone viral and have quickly spread amongst friends around the world.  Refer to examples above.

Unfortunately the world is a large place and not everybody has been nominated.  For $5 I will upload to facebook a funny Australian neknomination video and will nominate you after downing my beer.  I will then tag you on facebook (this can be done without a friend request) and it will appear on your wall ready for you to start the craze amongst your friends.

If there is something you would like me to do or say in the video just let me know!

I will upload it within 24 hours.

Drink responsibly and remember, the funnier the video the better.

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1 day delivery