I will fix your google spreadsheet, formula or script for $5

/ 6 Days On Average
fix your google spreadsheet, formula or script
fix your google spreadsheet, formula or script

About This Gig

Lead Excel expert at our 200+ helpdesk before I was promoted. If you can think of something that will save you time, I can do it.

I also can assist - Excel, Open Office, FreeOffice, iCloud Numbers and most others

Macro sorted through 1 million cell bills - found $334,000 of errors
Macro sorted through 100k call center tickets - flagged and copied to a new sheet any that met complex conditions

Unfortunately, I must reserve the right to cancel any order that does not contact me first.

Types of work I "excel" at:
  • Puns
  • Formulas
  • VBA and/or Scripting - custom functions, Macros (code provided on request)
  • Merging/importing/exporting– mail, csv, to/from MS Access, etc
  • Buttons, drop-downs, ribbons, forms, dashboards
  • Templates
  • Data normalization/removal of duplicates
  • Charts/Graphs/Tables/Pivot
  • File conversion to/from – PDF, Word, Power Point, Images, one spreadsheet app to another
  • 15 minute skype consult
  • Not listed? Ask. There is a character limit for these descriptions.
  • Unlimited revisions within scope of original request

Things this gig does NOT cover:
Data mining
Web scraping
Fixing corrupted files
Hacking a password