I will make You A White Hat Tailored SEO Action plan


About This Gig

I will make you a tailored action plan for your URL or online business.

- Including Back-linking advise.
- New practices by Google-Bots.
- Check your website rank and advise you for better ranking.
- Competitors check.
- Keywords check up to 5 keywords
- Best practices to follow on your SEO
- Sitemap check and advise on best sitemap to use
- Content check and advise on best content and what kind of content
- Preferable URL to use.

If you take the extra In depth action plan 

I will do the following:
  • Reveal your competitors back-links one by one.
  • Give you a list of related URLs to post your business on them.
  • Give you a top-level advise on new Google practices issued this year
  • How to always be a White Hat SEO professional. 

If you buy the back-linking extra 

  • I'll rank your URL in sustainable manner.
  • All are 100% WhiteHat 

Order Details

White Hat SEO Action Plan

Best practice for your self SEO action plan

  • Tailored Action Plan
  • 5 Keywords Analyzed
  • 2 Competitors Analyzed
2 days delivery