I will sing Happy Birthday Using My Tiger Puppet

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by tomer_inbar 4 months ago
Absolutely outstanding as usual. Just the sweetest little birthday video, time after time.
Reviewed by mo_fizzle over 1 year ago
You're amazing!!! She'll get crazy excited !!!! :D Thank you for this amazing work :D
Reviewed by zenmate124 almost 2 years ago
PERFECT! The kids'll FLIP!!!!
Reviewed by hatter about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by adrianowong over 2 years ago
Awesome! Very quick response and perfect pronunciation. Thank you so so so so so much
Reviewed by victoriahoe over 2 years ago
Another ordered gig, another great job. Will buy more :)
Reviewed by ashkael over 2 years ago
Perfect! had the widow back unbelievably quick. Couldn't have bee better!!!
Reviewed by dieselryan over 2 years ago
Thumbs Up
Reviewed by andybailey01 over 2 years ago
Awesome gig! Made it in less then 1 hour! :) You saved my day and that video is priceless :)
Reviewed by ashkael over 2 years ago
SERIOUSLY...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I place my order at 12:04 pm and you deliver it by 12:39 pm the SAME DAY! Wow...who else delivers such quality work so FAST on fiverr. NOBODY! Thanks a lot.
Reviewed by elward over 2 years ago
Pleasure to deal with. Turned the gig around in hours. Cannot recommend enough.
Reviewed by mo_fizzle over 2 years ago
Totally Awesome. It is exactly what I wanted. What an adorable birthday greeting to send to someone you love. Thanks so much. Dan White
Reviewed by dantheman456 almost 3 years ago
Fantastic work! I did not expected such a great work. :)
Reviewed by eloheaven almost 3 years ago
Great and fast
Reviewed by chortonlsm almost 3 years ago
hahaha amazing!! really really good. I am impressive about how speed he works,how proffesional, and he keep in touch with the client all the time, for possibles changes. I would totally recommend his services seriously! Thanks a lot
Reviewed by pablon almost 3 years ago
Reviewed by mark0121 almost 3 years ago
Fast Delivery. Exactly as requested.
Reviewed by garethdavid almost 3 years ago
sing Happy Birthday Using My Tiger Puppet
sing Happy Birthday Using My Tiger Puppet
Happy Birthday Halleli Oct 19 2016
Happy Birthday Haidee May 24 2015
Happy Birthday Sotiria May 15 2015 version 1

About This Gig

Please send me a message first before ordering a gig, just to schedule for availability.  I want to make sure you get your video on-time or earlier if possible.  If an order is made without a first consultation, I will cancel the order to avoid any complications. 

Please no profanity, racial profiling, labelling, porn, sexist or offensive messages of any nature - I prowl back to my jungle spot.

What a fun and cute way to greet your Birthday celebrant! I will use my Tiger Puppet, as well as greet and sing Happy Birthday, to the person you want to dedicate the video to. 

Just provide me the name of the birthday celebrant, along with the phonetic pronunciation.  I want to make sure I say the name of the birthday celebrant properly or closely.  If your Birthday Celebrant's name is in a different language, please either provide me an mp3 of how to say their name, or let me know if it will work best in Google translate.

I will provide a high-quality video in 720p HD format in mp4.

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