I will help you with your Spanish Assignment

help you with your Spanish Assignment

About This Gig

[ALWAYS contact me BEFORE ordering please] [FREE unlimited revisions] [FREE editable files]  TIPS ARE GENTLY ACCEPTED :)

About me:

Hello there, I'm a software engineer born in Mexico, native spanish speaker, I actually live in the US and have a certificate in the ESL program, works as a Spanish teacher, and speaks english fluently.

I can also translate any kind of work you need. I can help you with you spanish assignments, be your guide, teacher, etc

Age limitations: 8-50 years old, I'm willing to help you via chat, FB, skype (call or videocall), raidcall, whatsapp (special personal help), or whatever software you want
  • 1 gig/ 30 mins (5 USD) 
  • 2 gigs/ 1 hour (10 USD) 
  • 3 gigs/ 2 hours (15 USD)

100% satisfaction guarantee or money back

I can also provide you with spanish exercises for additional gigs
The exercises can be word, pdfs or texts documents, that I'll send to your email
  • 1 exercise - 1 gig
  • 2 exercises - 2 gigs
  • 6 exercises - 3 gigs

My goal is to achieve customers satisfaction with my work, giving a special treat to them.