I will record orchestral, soundtrack music

This was such a wonderful experience! Rolandwarga did a fantastic job with my order! I'm so glad I found him on Fiverr. If you're looking for someone to deliver great music, Rolandwarga is the person to go to. Thank you so much. I will defiantly be back you your services again.
Reviewed by cp2015 about 1 year ago
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I'm extremely satisfied with the end result. It was delivered a couple days after the due date, but the wait was well worth it. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by justindenchy over 1 year ago
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record orchestral, soundtrack music
record orchestral, soundtrack music

About This Gig

I will make orchestral music, with many instruments, piano, choir, string instruments, percussion, etc. It can also be mixed with rock, industrial elements.

Price (although depends on project type):
1  minute of music for 30$.

Check out my other gigs, I do many genres...

The music is available for personal use.

Commercial license can be purchased as a gig extra.