I will show you how i made 140 dollars profit in just one day

show you how i made 140 dollars profit in just one day

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This system needs no analysis, when it turns green buy, when it turns red sell. Easy as ABC. As you can see, the account was funded same day and turned to 242 dollars in some hours. You can see this was no fluke because i traded 3 currency pairs. I am not willing to teach you how to click buy or sell, you will need to at least know how to download the trading platform, open and close trades.This gives you complete access to the system all you need to do is follow. Note that the indicators are available for free online but not being used in the way i use it as far as i know. I have seen no one using it for Forex, it is actually used for another type of trading (binary), also i give you recommended trading lot size and my details on my unique use of the system. Its point and shoot, i promise. Go for it.

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It requires no analysis whatsoever. Turn green buy, turn red sell. Simple as ABC.

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