I will can write Article within 2 days

can write Article within 2 days

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I have been a creative as well as professional writer. I have done Bachelors, Masters (M.A.) and M.Phil. in Geography from an India University. I have also done M.Sc. in Urban Environmental Management from Asian Institute of technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

I write in English and Odia/Oriya languages. I have published more than 150 creative articles/poems/stories in past. I have written several research papers on poverty, urban issues, slum problem, community, forest management etc. in magazines/journals in India and abroad. I have also published a book on Livelihoods in Urban India.

My hobbies ranges from sports to politics, community to culture and lot more.

You can expect an article from me which is well researched, written in lucid language, and original in nature. During the writing you may share your feedback to improve anything that you may wish.

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I can write articles on Poverty, Urban Issues, Geography, Indian Culture, News, Digest etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you translate from English?
    Yes, I also translate from English to Odia/Oriya.