I will help you revise or resolve a negative feedback or dispute on eBay

help you revise or resolve a negative feedback or dispute on eBay
help you revise or resolve a negative feedback or dispute on eBay

About This Gig

*** VERY IMPORTANT --> Please DO NOT order BEFORE you contact me with a link, so I can evaluate the chances, first!


  • Ever asked yourself, how to resolve a dispute or negative feedback on eBay?
  • Got a negative feedback and having problems handling it with eBay or your buyer?

Did you know, that many buyers agree to revise or resolve the dispute, but then they disappear?!

I am a TOP RATE SELLER and eBay professional marketer, with a vast experience in eBay policies

I know almost every LEGAL way to resolve your dispute or Negative Feedback, either by revising the feedback by the buyer, or make eBay handling it and decide in your favour

1 gig = 1 feedback (BASIC instructions only)

After you contact me, I will send you a short questionnaire, with all the details and contacts to evaluate the chances.

If you need my ACTIVE intervention, please see my extra gig. I know how to handle a tough customer and how to speak to eBay Customer Support!

NOTE: Applicable ONLY for fresh negative feedback (2-3 weeks older). Older feedbacks are almost impossible to handle and may cost much more, if succeed

If the problem wasn't solved, you get a FULL REFUND!

Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can any feedback be removed?
    No. Each feedback has to be carefully analyzed in order to decide if it can be removed
  • What do you need to know in order to help me?
    There is a detailed questionnaire that you need to fill in, before I decide if it worth trying to remove or revise the feedback
  • Will I need to give you my eBay password?
    No. I don't need or want to access your eBay account.
  • I don't have any revision request left. Will you still help me?
    If you do not have revision request left, the feedback cannot be revised by the buyer. However, it is still worth trying to check if the feedback can be removed
  • Do you always succeed in helping sellers with this mission?
    I wish, but I don't. My success rate is around 80%. If your case is too tough or the buyer insist on leaving the feedback, there is nothing I can do.
  • What if you do not succeed in helping me removing the feedback or revise it?
    You will get a full refund for your order and the transaction will be canceled
  • Are you a magician?
    No. I'm just a very experienced eBay seller, who knows what to look for. I'm a kind of an "attorney" or consultant for your eBay feedback.