I will ghostwrite your story, kindle and eBook for you

Rose was extremely patient and helpful, knew exactly what I needed and got it done ahead of schedule.
Reviewed by faisalk786 over 1 year ago
Rose completed my project by the due date and the change requests were done very quickly. The only disappointment was that she did not want to answer any trust building questions I asked. This created concerns for me.
Reviewed by farmitout123 over 1 year ago
Thank you, so fast delivery.
Reviewed by markmc0755 over 1 year ago
ghostwrite your story, kindle and eBook for you
ghostwrite your story, kindle and eBook for you
ghostwrite your story, kindle and eBook for you
ghostwrite your story, kindle and eBook for you
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About This Gig

I craft Words that STICK, WORK and that SELLS. I build brands that flourish and help Clients reach their goals using the power of words to express it better to SELL.

1. Ghostwriting ebooks over a variety of topics: from self-help to nutrition and wellness to scientific-based research books. I write about it all, and I love to learn.

My continuous excitement about your described topics creates essential, vibrant, and best-selling Amazon ebooks. 

2. Understanding SEO and fueling greater blog post traffic. Currently managing a blog for a client part-time and learning Wordpress at an alarming rate. 

3. Writing creative novels and novellas for clients: from westerns to thrillers to romances. I understand what people want to read about, and I write about those characters, those events with a sense of style and flair. I went to school for creative writing at Indiana University, and my mind is a mess of creative energy. 

4. Editing blog posts, ebooks, and novels for grammar, spelling, and flow. 

My SERVICES also includes:

·         Edit/Improvise existing Manuscript

·         Stunning Design, Layout and Formatting your manuscript

You have 100% copyright.