I will transcribe 20 minutes of any video or audio

transcribe 20 minutes of any video or audio

About This Gig

I will type up to twenty minutes of audio/video in  Microsoft Word per $5

Please order additional gigs accordingly example  0:00 to 20.00 = 1 gig, 20:01 to 40.00 minutes = 2 gigs and so on.

  • Please submit a reasonably clear audio
  • For large  files please send link via dropbox or similar cloud service
  • I will format the transcript for common issues such as filler words, false starts, ahs and ums.  
  • Orders are done in order they are received unless extra fast is ordered
  • For large transcripts  please order 1-2 hours at a time. Once the order is filled you can then place the next order this makes it easier to serve all customers

Order Details

4 days delivery