I will proofread your work up to 1250 words

proofread your work up to 1250 words

About This Gig

Need help making your paper or assignment stand out? 

I'm an ESL Teacher and English tutor, with four years' experience teaching. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a major in English. Whether you just need a set of fresh eyes on your work or want suggestions to change the style and effect, I'm here to help!

I can:
  • proofread and check for grammatical and mechanical errors
  • offer suggestions to reword sentences or paragraphs that are awkward or repetitive
  • help you make sure your research paper effectively makes the points you outlined in your introduction and conclusion

Contact me and let's get started!

Order Details

Proofread 1500 words

I will proofread your paper up to three times and write notes for you on what I find.

  • Up to 1500 Words
3 days delivery 2 Revisions